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Whatever is good for your soul ... do it!

Vital Energy by Nessy

Very personable woman, you immediately feel welcome. Your work is incredibly good and successful. Energetic miracle - let yourself be surprised how healing it can be. Your area of expertise and knowledge is huge

Patricia H.

What can I say she came into my life at the right moment and since then ... Nessy is a wonderful person, empathetic, helpful and unique. She is a great support to me, my children and my husband and I can recommend Nessy with full conviction and from everyone. She helps in all situations.
A big thank you for everything

Almira N.

I can only say that the step to choose is usually the difficult part, but the successes that can be achieved with it are TOP !!! A very pleasant personality who explains to you sensibly, comprehensibly and with full commitment where things are going wrong and how you can achieve the desired goal with the right therapy. Thank you Nessy

Tati TJ

You are sooooo megaaaa, nice that I met you, you help, do and do, I am soooo impressed, you support me wherever you can. With you I don't manage to be so nervous, no panic attacks, with certain things. I'm just saying today ... date where I was so upset.
You are really super nice and always there.
And reiki applications are awesome, plus other great tips. Now we can do the rest with the tablets that I'm going away from it .... Thank you, thank you, thank you dear
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Dear Nesada,
I thank you for the great training, that everything went so well, I still learned a lot and can now help others too. I think it's great that you are always there even now if there are still questions.
Seminars with you and lili were also very exciting and brought me a lot further. I will definitely be back at one or the other seminar.
I thank you.

Nicole I.

I am absolutely thrilled
I had a spiritual spine straightening with Reiki.
After the treatment I felt really good and somehow liberated.
The pain in the hollow of the knee and the shoulder pain where there was a blockage were gone and the left shoulder that was hanging down (scoliosis) has also disappeared.
Not only the treatment but also the open conversation afterwards did me really good
I can only recommend it

Sarah W.

I have booked the following initiations with Nessy:
Kundalini Reiki 1-3
Spine straightening
Angel ki
and soon the atlas correction will be added.
Nessy is kind and patient. She explains everything in a way that is easy to understand and handles all matters responsibly. I am glad that I “landed” with her and would be happy to recommend her to others.
At the beginning she said to me that she would continue to be there for me after the initiations, and she kept her word.
The spine straightening she performed is awesome, by the way. I had a pelvic obliquity before and my left leg was a good 5-6mm longer than the right one. After straightening it is only 2mm and these will definitely still fit.
You are in very good hands with Nessy. Thank you for everything

Jessica F.

Rating from my mom to Vital Energy by Nessy, because my mom doesn't have a FB, but would like to leave a feedback!
Love vital energy-bynessy
I am very happy that I got to know you and that I came to you for treatment. Already after the first treatment I felt changes for the better. The changes are visible in my confidence and energy. I am stronger now and believe in myself more. I recommend everyone to try the treatment. Take your time as soon as possible. I will continue to do this, which has changed my life in a positive direction.
I would also like to thank you for taking on a difficult task and accepting my brother-in-law, who was diagnosed with tumors in three different organs, for treatment. Yes, I know that you are not allowed to make promises of healing and that you have never treated that, but the doctors, just like you, agreed that you have to improve your blood count and bring your immune system up to scratch. As you know, he was mentally at the end of his life and at his age he almost gave up hope that anything could still change. But, you treated him and gave him the strength and courage to carry on. After two treatments, his blood values were taken again and the doctors were pleasantly surprised at the drastic improvement he had after just one week. Thanks to you, he has regained his will and courage to keep fighting. He recently told me how relieved he feels and full of energy, as if he could uproot trees, although he was skeptical at first.
Thanks again, vitalenergy-bynessy
Thanks for being there


Nessy reached out when I couldn't have needed it more. We've never met, but the immediate sense of connection was magical. She was understanding, patient and extremely helpful. The work she did I felt without even being in the same room as her. She did a spinal correction with Christ energy. She was kind and patient. I felt my legs begin to get warm and tingly and I knew it was working. Afterward I felt like a new person. I plan to continue to have work with Nessy because I feel she has such a magical light and can help guide me on a path to calmness and light. Thank you so so so so much

Molly L., USA

I had very good treatment here. I got a spinal straightening and Kundalini healing energy here. Which helped me a lot. I had health problems for a long time, including scoliosis and a slight difference in size of the legs. Since the treatment, my legs are the same length and my health is much better. Many thanks to "Vital Energy by Nessy". It is totally flashing and works wonders. So I warmly recommend it.


Jerome B.

I am very thrilled
You have to try it out, especially if you have a stressful everyday life and you want to recharge your batteries. With dear Nessy you are in the best of hands, she is a wonderful and open person who treats you individually and does everything for you so that you feel better again.
I had a Reiki treatment with a spinal straightener and it was just so good after that I was deeply relaxed and well rested.
And I can only recommend remote treatment. I was skeptical at first, I prefer it personally, but was very surprised how it worked and would do it again at any time

Nadine U.

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