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Mental straightening of the spine

Gentle method of releasing blockages in the spine.

Our body, mind and soul are firmly connected to the spine. The spine carries the burden that we carry within us, which has arisen, for example, through shock, fears, anger, loss or similar. Some blockages even arose during pregnancy. All of this information is stored in the gel layer of our spine. This causes curvatures, overloads, misalignments, but also displacements of the intervertebral discs.


The energetic straightening causes the blockages that have arisen over the years through trauma, for example, to be alleviated or even released. Since the treatment is carried out on an energetic level, the subtle spine can also be straightened. The muscles of the back can relax and any pelvic inclination or leg length difference can be eliminated.


After this treatment you go through life more upright and self-confident. 


For which symptoms can the energetic spinal straightening be used?


Please check my Blog about spinal straightening. 

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