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Who is behind Vital Energy by Nessy

My career

I was born in June 1985, zodiac sign "Gemini", in Vitez , Bosnia.

By the way, Vitez means knight in German. Shortly before the civil war in 1991, I moved with my parents to Herne and lived there until 2001. In February 2001 we emigrated to America, the land of many opportunities. We lived in East Petersburg, Pennsylvania. There I graduated from high school and went to college to study radiology. The medical field has always interested me because I always saw a future in it and something that we will always need. However, I moved back to Herne in 2007 and finally came to the beautiful Wittelsbacher Land in 2018. As the saying goes ... many roads lead to Rome.

I started my training as an energetic healer in 2015. I took this step after my own health crisis. I have to admit, when I went to treatment for the first time, I was very uncomfortable because I didn't know what to expect there. Questions like "am I starting to float"; "there is right things going on"; "is it something against God, or something dark"; "What do people / my family / my parents think" ... I felt hundreds of questions circling through my head. There's so much between heaven and earth and I didn't want to do anything that would drag me into an even deeper hole. Still, I wanted to avoid the chemical club and find an alternative to get rid of my anxiety / panic attacks. Today I am still grateful every day that I dared to take the step back then. After just four treatments, I was sure this was what I wanted to learn. I've always had the "helper syndrome" and when I saw the wonderful possibilities this creative energy has, I really wanted to learn it in order to help my family, friends and everyone else. First I learned the traditional Reiki according to Master Mikao Usui and became Usui Reiki Master. Then I did the training to become a Kundalini Reiki master with teaching qualification. In 2018, the initiation into the spiritual straightening of the spine and atlas correction also came with a teaching qualification. Over the years I continued to develop myself and my gifts and learned the following, among other things:

  • Chakra work

  • Blood circulation massage

  • Working with angels and ascended masters

  • Healing stones

  • Card reading

  • Holistic energetic treatments

  • Mantras

  • Spiritual coaching (e.g. for dual soul issues, panic and fear states, etc.)


In 2019 I started Vital Energy by Nessy in Germany and expanded to the United States in 2021.

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