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Reiki Treatment

Energetic sessions

Have you tried everything possible? But nothing seems to help? Are you listless, frustrated, stressed? Do you have a constant headache that prevents you from staying focused or from sleeping peacefully? Do you suffer from it and do you lose your last strength? Do you want out there? As? I am happy to support you.


In America, it has been used as a complementary treatment in clinics and other healthcare settings for decades. The awareness of Reiki has also increased significantly in Germany, as more and more people are opening up to alternative or complementary therapies. Years ago, Reiki was tested on 800 patients in an employers' liability insurance association in Berlin. With around 5 treatments per person. Since the pilot phase was successful, it is still practiced today.


I am a certified Reiki therapist with a teaching qualification. An energetic treatment sets an impulse to activate the self-healing powers.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Disclaimer of liability

I expressly point out that I am neither a doctor nor an alternative practitioner and do not make any diagnoses. An energetic treatment does not replace a visit to the doctor or alternative practitioner.

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